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Her songs are equally at home sung between stage lights and the roar of the electric banjo, or under string lights in dim, whiskey-stained basements to a semi-cirle crowd sitting cross legged. Her voice is ethereal, her musicianship formidable. She weaves lyrics from seeds of memory and imagery plucked from the nature that engulfs her home. Words fly through the whirlwind of her banjo playing, which brings thrash-metal sensibilities to the Clawhammer technique. All is delivered with emotional energy that is frantic, desperate, and moving.

A More General Profile

Adrienne is a multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, knitter, cook, bicyclist, photographer, and videographer. She grew up a few miles south of Nashville,and moved to Vermont in her mid teens. She has been living and working in Burlington since graduating high school. She has performed as a solo artist since 2016, and has played accordion, mandolin, and banjo in multiple projects, including Miku Daza and Hoary Bat. In May of 2018, she became one of the founding members the experimental music collective Community of Sound. Armed with the equipment accessed through this group, she has been teaching herself the art of recording, as well as piano, photography, videography, and drums. She is also currently planning a bike tour across New England, to happen later this spring, and she will be performing shows across five states and pedaling over a thousand miles.




March 23rd 2019 at Community of Sound, Burlington VT

April 6th at the Gloom Garden, Winooski VT

April 12th at the Magic Hat Artifactory, Burlington VT

April 22nd at the Gloom Garden, Winooski VT

April 27th at the Stone Church, Brattleboro VT

May 2nd at Hotel Vernon, Worcester MA

May 11th at TBA, Portland ME

May 25th at the Barrage, Holland VT

May 29th, a house show in Plattsburgh NY


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